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Andrea Black - PERFUME GIRL

Andrea Black

Andrea Black is best described as an eclectic singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist with a long history of solo albums and collaborations.

Albums released worldwide thus far include "Laid Back In London", "Jumping From The Wall", and "When Hot Dogs Fly" (a collaboration with 'Slipper').

The latest series of collaborations that have just been released features Mike Bell on "Perfume Girl".

Produced by Mike Bell and recorded by Tim Russell between Inner Circle Universal Recordings, Funky Bunker Studios and Mike Bell’s Le Grenier Studio in Luxembourg, ‘Perfume Girl’ is a compelling listen.

Mike’s soothing, improvised keys, ethereal synths and faintly brushed electronic beats perfectly compliment the transcendent vocals of Andrea Black

For more information on Andrea visit her MySpace website at:

Download a PDF here of the Perfume Girl Album PR release.

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